Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Android app developers criticise Google for late payment
BBC News
... there are limits to the ways in which a system can be automated - however financially attractive that option may be." A spokesman for Google said he was unable to provide a statement about staffing. Google Play Android developer console.
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BBC News
Android Phones Will Keep Getting Exploited, Researchers Say
By Loek Essers, IDG-News-Service:Amsterdam-Bureau Android is still the most attractive smartphone OS for malevolent hackers, so devices based on the platform will continue to get compromised, researchers said at Black Hat Europe Friday.
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New iPad vs. Android Tablets: Is It Game Over?
Here's our take on how Apple matches up with the best of the Android tablets. By Melissa J. Perenson, PCWorld The third-generation Apple iPad is here, and we've tested it next to our best Android tablets--the Asus Transformer Prime TF201 and the ...
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Google apps on ICS Android tablets crash more often than others
ZDNet (blog)
When the first Android tablet appeared on the scene the newly minted Honeycomb was not up to the task. The Motorola XOOM crashed every few minutes no matter what app was running. Over time Google got Honeycomb stabilized and the tablet was much better ...
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Android Tablets and Windows 8: Let the Games Begin
By Jack M. Germain The release of Windows 8 will give Microsoft the chance to attack the tablet market that Android and Apple have basically owned for months. What effect with Windows 8 have on Android tablet sales? Will enterprises kick Android to the ...
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TEDTalks Joins Netflix, Launches Android App
PC Magazine
Now the organization has ratcheted up its profile as a education and inspiration content channel by partnering with Netflix and offering a slick new Android app. Yesterday's Netflix announcement revealed a new variation on the TED format called ...
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HTC Vivid Android 4.0 Sneaks Out For Some
by Jason Inofuentes on 3/16/2012 10:44:00 AM The long road to Android 4.0 for US subscribers seems to be getting shorter; and for some lucky users the time has come. AT&T's HTC Vivid was one of their first LTE devices, and made the list of HTC devices ...
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ICS upgrade hitting Samsung Nexus S shortly
CNET (blog)
Loyal Samsung Nexus S owners, the Android gods are pleased and will bestow Ice Cream Sandwich upon you soon. by Brian Bennett March 16, 2012 6:44 AM PDT Follow @boliverbennett Today is a glorious day, and I'm not talking about all that iPad nonsense.
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YouMail Pumps Up Call Blocking in Android Phones
By John P. Mello Jr., PCWorld Mar 16, 2012 10:35 AM The weapon is in the latest version of the free Android apps, YouMail and WhoAreYou?. It allows you to "ditch" calls by tapping "menu" and "ditch" on the viewing pages for any voicemail, ...
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Android antivirus apps improve their grades--just not very much
CNET (blog)
A shockingly high percentage of Android antivirus apps are still ineffective, even after an update to the original study corrects overly negative results. by Seth Rosenblatt March 15, 2012 5:01 PM PDT Follow @b1g1nj4p4n revised their recent ...
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Asus Eee PC netbook gets unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich | Android ...
By Michael Crider
Around Android circles Asus is known for its Transformer series of tablets. But in the computer world, one of their most notable accomplishments of recent years.
Android Community
Google Earth for Android and iOS reaches version 6.2, supports ...
By Joe Pollicino
Good news for fans of the iOS and Android ports of Google Earth: the apps are getting updated to version 6.2, which brings.
Android Overload: Sprint To End $65 Million Deal With ...
By Chris Chavez
Greetings, my fine Phandroid friends. It's almost the end of the week! Today, we brought you a ton of Android news but in case you needed a little bit.
Android Phone Fans
Californians Sue Google Over Faulty Android Apps | paidContent
By Jeff Roberts
Two Android phone users who purchased defective products from Google's app-store have filed a lawsuit, saying the company's 15-minute refund window is unfair. Los Angeles man Dodd Harris says he purchased "Learn Chinese Mandarin ...
Malicious Android application stealing banking credentials | The ...
By (THN Reporter)
Malicious Android application stealing banking credentials. THN Magazine and The Hacker News is Most Comprehensive resource in providing news related to Information Technology, Cyber security, infosec, Hacking threads, Vulnerability.
The Hacker News [ THN ] - Updates...

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The Netflix Tech Blog: Testing Netflix on Android
When Netflix decided to enter the Android ecosystem, we faced a daunting set of challenges: a) We wanted to release rapidly every 6-8 weeks, b) There were ...

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